G’day, I’m Darren.

I’m a motivational speaker who speaks in the areas of Workplace Safety, Risk Management, Mental Health, Leadership and Teamwork.

My mission is to empower teams through transformative lessons built upon the foundation of the Beaconsfield mining disaster.

This is my story.

Seventeen years ago, a phone call changed my life forever.

Summoned to the Beaconsfield gold mine collapse, I operated over 70 explosives in a continuous 30-hour stretch deep underground, helping rescue two men trapped nearly 1 km below the surface.

The impact of this experience ran deeper than I initially realised. Today, I travel across Australia, sharing my journey of pain, trauma, hope, and resilience. My story has taught me that conversations about these challenges can transform workplaces and organisations, proving that we have the power to spark dialogues and drive impactful change.

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Darren's backstory.

My guarantee.

My talks go beyond motivation; they spark change.

I’ll guide your team in embracing courageous leadership, initiating vital mental health discussions, and cultivating an environment where innovation and collaboration flourish. Together, we’ll create transformations that extend far beyond the presentation room.


Built upon the foundation of the Beaconsfield mining disaster, my talks are tailored to each audience’s needs while consistently addressing subjects of personal significance.

Risk Management

Drawing from my role in the mine disaster, I underscore the necessity of “reducing risk as part of your DNA.”


From my direct engagement in the mining disaster, I craft a narrative showcasing the unyielding strength that emerges when individuals unite to conquer extraordinary challenges.

Mental Health

Drawing from my experience, particularly the mining disaster that altered the course of my life, I passionately discuss the real issues surrounding mental well-being.

Workplace Safety

My talks don’t just emphasise the significance of risk management; I back it up with vivid anecdotes that underscore the importance of best practices in this field.


By sharing the raw, emotional journey of the mine disaster, I convey the unyielding human spirit under immense pressure, emphasising the importance of determination in tough times.


Centred on leadership, I use a mining disaster experience to inspire unrelenting spirit and guide effective team communication.


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