What I offer.

I’m Darren Flanagan, a motivational speaker travelling across Australia. My emotional storytelling aims to reshape safety culture in organisations. If you need an authentic, inspiring speaker to transform your team, I’m here to help.

I focus on topics like risk management, teamwork, mental health, workplace safety, and perseverance, drawing from the mining disaster experience.

Empower your teams & foster resilience.

As a motivational speaker, I combine the principles of courageous leadership and mental health awareness to empower your team and cultivate resilience.

Courageous Leadership

My presentations reveal how ordinary people can exhibit unwavering determination and peak performance in exceptional circumstances.  I support these insights with compelling anecdotes that reinforce risk management best practices. During my talks, I aim to:

  • Nurture open dialogues among your staff and team leaders.
  • Foster improved communication and heightened productivity.
  • Emphasise the value of approachable leadership.

Mental Health Awareness

My personal experiences underscore the paramount importance of mental health awareness. I share the poignant story of nine resilient minders who, despite their physical strength, grappled with mental health challenges following the harrowing rescue. During my talks, I advocate for:

  • The courage to speak up and seek assistance.
  • Shattering the stigma around mental health issues.
  • Open discussions that can benefit everyone.

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